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Concisely written, mild creation to graph conception compatible as a textbook or for self-study Graph-theoretic purposes from different fields (computer technology, engineering, chemistry, administration technological know-how) 2d ed. contains new chapters on labeling and communications networks and small worlds, in addition to extended beginner's fabric Many extra adjustments, advancements, and corrections caused by lecture room use

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Fig. 4. 6 Show that the graph Cs x K2 (called a pentagonal prism ) contains cycles of lengths 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10. 7 Find a graph on 10 vertices with 13 edges that contain s cycles of all orders 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Can this be done with fewer edges? 8 The graph G contain s two different paths from x to y, namely and X, UI, U2,"" Urn, y. (i) If the vertices t1 and U 1 are different, prove that G contains a cycle that passes through x. (ii) Prove that the condition " t l and U I are different" is necessary.

Then delete this first edge; the result is an Euler walk from q to p. 0 It is clear that loops make no difference in whether or not a graph has an Euler walk. If there is a loop at vertex x, it can be added when the walk crosses x. 6 to make an algorithm for finding a closed Euler walk. All that is needed is to order the vertices in some way; whenever a vertex is to be chosen, select the one earliest in the ordering from among those meeting the requirements. Example. 11. We order the vertices by standard alphabetical ordering.

Repeat the process of deletion, this time deleting the newly formed walk. Continue in this way. Each walk contains more edges than the preceding one, so the process cannot go on indefinitely. It must stop: this will only happen when one of the walks contains all edges of the original multigraph, and that walk is an Euler walk. Finally, consider the case where there are two odd vertices p and q and every other vertex is even. Form a new multigraph by adding an edge pq to the original. This new multigraph has every vertex even.

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