A Christian love story by Zola Levitt PDF

By Zola Levitt

The attractive tale of the marriage customs of Israel in Messiah’s time and the way He fulfilled those traditions in calling out His bride, the Church. A outstanding and encouraging instance of scriptural good judgment and style.

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Today, the Bride of Christ wears a veil—those not understanding of our covenant try to make other contracts with us that would violate the one we have with our Bridegroom. ) As the year went on, the bride would assemble her sisters and bridesmaids and whoever would go with her to the wedding when the bridegroom came, and they would each have their oil lamps ready. They would wait at her house every night on the chance that the groom would come, along with his groomsmen, and sweep them all away to a joyous and sudden wedding ceremony.

We are set aflame once when we believe in the Messiah, but as we walk, we must constantly take in the oil—the Holy Spirit—in order to keep our flame burning brightly. The flame is a beautiful symbol of the Christian faith. With one flame I can light all the candles in the world and mine will not be diminished. Understanding the symbol of the oil and the symbol of the trumpet as well, we are in a position to see how powerful we really are in this world. Gideon went forward with only 300 men and attacked a force of Midianites totaling over 100,000!

Finally, the chamber would be ready and the bridegroom would assemble his young friends to accompany him on the exciting trip to claim his bride. The big moment had arrived and the bridegroom was more than ready, we can be sure. He and his young men would set out in the night, making every attempt to completely surprise the bride. And that's the romantic part—all the Jewish brides were "stolen". The Jews had a special understanding of a woman's heart. What a thrill for her, to be "abducted" and carried off into the night, not by a stranger but by one who loved her so much that he had paid a high price for her.

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