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2 Vowel length All vowels except schwa occur short and long. ) ‘door’ ‘ring’ ‘wealth’ ‘1. be sharp 2. ’ ‘wet dung’ ‘curse (revocable)’ ‘storytell’ burà kuʃ(u) tsʼutsʼ búr ‘flood’ ‘sickness’ ‘itch’ ‘1. flow; 2. ’ tsʼúútsʼ ‘whistle’ búúr ‘slaughter a pregnant animal’ In nouns, long vowels are restricted to the initial syllable. Verb stems mostly consist of only one syllable and the vowel can be long or short. Long vowels cannot co-occur with complex codas in the same syllable. 3 Syllabic nasal In addition to the vowels, Sheko has syllabic nasals.

The phonology of Sheko has much in common with Benchnon, its geographical neighbor. Aklilu (1994b) draws attention to the phonological similarities in his article on phonological comparison of Benchnon and two Majoid languages, concluding that Benchnon has more in common with Majoid than with Ometo. 1 Consonant phonemes overview Sheko has the following consonant phonemes: ejective stops voiceless stops voiced stops ejective affricates voiceless affricates voiceless fricatives voiced fricatives nasal tap approximants labial p’ b f m alveolar t’ t d post-alveolar retroflex ts’ tʃ’ ʈʂ’ ts tʃ ʈʂ s ʃ ʂ z ʒ ʐ n r y Table 1.

The main exceptions are the Africanist use of y for j and the absence of a written glottal stop in word-initial position before a vocoid. Tone is written v̀ v v̄ and v́ from lowest (1) to highest (4). g. bārkāỳ ‘monkey’). The transcription of Sheko data generally follows a surface-phonemic principle, except when it occurs between phonetic brackets. Applying this principle means that an allophone of an underlying phoneme is written different from the default realisation if the allophone can be represented by (is very similar to) the default realisation of another phoneme.

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