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We have the reflex a for all four vowels, but the reflex of the front vowels palatalized the preceding consonant, which in turn enabled further changes of a to occur. 29. The comparison which we have made shows us that a in the vocalic system given above could be of different origins in different dialects. In the main group, it was the reflex of o. g. petdk petok ‘Friday’ , stanc - starec ‘old man’ ). In the SE dialects, a represents the reflex of both the jers and the nasals (but the reflexes of front vowels pala­ talized preceding consonants).

Nothing indicates that these sonants were followed by jers except in spelling. Otherwise the jers would have been replaced or lost according to the general rule (see § 34). Hence we conclude that it was the sonant that functioned here as the syllabic peak. ). g. krest ‘cross’ in some dialects in K ostur (Kastoria), occurs only as an exception). The situation, which was reached after the loss of the jers, remained un­ changed in the M dialects until the end of the old period. The difference between r and f , Zand V which was inherited from CS was lost very early and therefore occurs only to a limited extent in the oldest texts.

Voc, (for xrenh ‘horseradish’); cf. also from medieval Gr sources IIpiXa7co<; (for Prilept), Ilpoaaxoi; (for Prosek&). The same is shown by material from Alb territory: Leaslca, Sanova, sane, san ‘hay’ . Some types of vocalic assimilation in OCS texts also provide evidence that the pronunciation of this vowel contained an «-elem ent: ostavleafo ‘leave’ 3 sg Mar. In MoM we have two pronuncia­ tions : treva ‘grass’ , orev ( < orex) ‘walnut’ as opposed to trava, ora(x), which are characteristic of the N region.

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