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By John R. Perry

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This is often the 1st complete reference grammar of Tajik, the Persian of valuable Asia, to seem in English. It describes the trendy literary language, with examples of colloquial and dialect utilization, from the early Soviet interval (1920s) up until eventually Tajikistan's independence after 2001. Grammatical examples, taken from quite a few literary assets, are given in either the Cyrillic and Perso-Arabic scripts. entire verb paradigms, a grammatical index, and parallel word-indexes in either writing structures make it effortless to discover specific issues. crucial for the Iranologist and comparative linguist, for the the scholar or instructor of Tajik Persian, and a invaluable complement in case you paintings with Persian of Iran or Afghanistan. With vast indexes.

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2). Affected are the verbsparidan 'to fly', buridan 'to cut', daridan 'to tear', caridan 'to graze'. The common verb xaridan 'to buy' is not affected. , in Cyrillic; the Perso-Arabic diacritic for reduplication, tasdid, is rarely used; see 1-13). Examples: заррин a^jj zarrin 'gold(en)', Заррина (female name, < zar 'gold'); парранда (паранда) par(r)anda 'bird' (lit. ] livestock' (but чарогоҳ 6 \SLI j ^ 'pasture'). Arabic geminates. A number of monosyllabic Arabic loanwords which terminate in a doubled consonant lose one of the consonants in Tajik when the word is end-stopped or followed by a consonant: ҷин ^ 'jinn, jinnee', ҷинҳо U ^ y m f t ö 'jinnees, genies'; саф 32 CHAPTER ONE .

In the case of the vowel /a/ there is no appreciable change in quality (unlike the disputed SP diphthongs): /vay/ 'he, she', /xayr/ 'well', /ayvon/ 'porch'; /raw/ (orthographically, rav) 'go', /qawm/ (qavm) 'clan', /dawlät/ (davlat) 'state'. 5). These are the only two regularly-occurring "rising" diphthongs in Tajik. "Falling" diphthongs beginning with the bilabial semi-vowel /w/ do not occur in the standard language, in which this is only an allophone of /v/: /ovoz/ 'voice, song' may be heard as /owoz/ (cf.

Personal inflectional suffix on a verb stem: (ту) омадй/ меоӣ o - ? 4). (4) Any of several monosyllables: кӣ ^ ' w h o ? ', ей Lf^u 'thir- PHONOLOGY AND ORTHOGRAPHY 43 q ty\ -ми? 8). The macron on final -й is dropped before a following affix of any kind. 7); the postposition -po, as in киро дидй? 17); and the -и of izofat. 10; note that the combination ии i-yi incorporates the glide /iyi/). (2) Suffixes, grammatical (esp. both plural markers) and derivational: nemry^o'predictions' (sg.

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